The Buckfast Steps

I get to climb this short set of steps almost every time I head to the shops in Shettleston, which lead to a shortcut through the back courts of the surrounding flats, and must save at least 10 seconds off my trip!

They’re also handy seat for some of the local boozers, who can sit and relax as they get tanked up, then they can use the handy handrail to get back on their feet.

I should christen them The Buckfast Steps.

It’s not always Buckie bottles here, but they’re only one I note.

It’s odd to find just one on its own here, or not being guarded by a Mad Dog, or some others.

It was really late and dark, hence the grimy pic which has been recovered from a very shaky and dark original view.

Buckfast Steps
Buckfast Steps

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