Ayrshire police pictured using Buckfast as drain cleaner

They claim they’re disposing of ‘seized booze’, but anyone familiar with the power of Buckfast will know better.

Covert sources claim that Troon’s drains were blocked, the local authority couldn’t cope, and it was cheaper and quicker to organise a few raids and confiscate a load of Buckfast (and other ‘rocket fuels’), in the knowledge that there’s little that could get stuck in a drain and stay there once doused in that stiff.

Police clear drains with Buckfast
Police clear drains with Buckfast

I must be too old-fashioned.

This looks like a pic with two police officers and one ‘inked’ (tattooed) gang member, whose probably siphoning the valuable Buckie into his pocket.

I guess I’ve spent too many years reading illustrated account about Russian mafia and Japanese yakuza, and simply can’t leave behind the concept of ‘ink’ being a badge of office, and indication of rank in such organisations.

Seen here: Troon train booze ban as cops and rail bosses fear repeat of teen beach chaos as Scotland swelters



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