Now there’s even a ‘Find Me Bucky’ app

Proof, if proof be needed, of the dangers of mobile phones.

In addition to the danger of being distracted while driving and mowing down innocent pedestrians, being distracted while walking and disappearing down open holes, we can now add the easy location of Buckfast sellers

It seems that fans have announced the availability of a 99 p app named ‘Find Me Bucky’ (not ‘Find my Bucky’ as generally stated by the media) which sells on the basis of:

On holiday and quenching for a bottle of Bucky? At home but want to find out where the cheapest place is to buy Bucky near you?

The missus has you away for the weekend with the in-laws but want to sneak off for a tipple of tonic? Well we’ve got the answer for you.

Our goal is to spread the awareness of Buckfast and to help Buckateers around the globe easily locate the best wine in the world.

Claiming locations in the UK and Ireland, Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Cyprus, Greece, the Caribbean and Australia, they say more are being added, and users can add them too (all verified to prevent naughtiness).

They also claim no affiliation with the makers or distributor.

Waiting To Be Found
Waiting To Be Found


I have to admit to being more than a little disappointed by this story.

From the headline, I had been hoping for something more useful for the average Bucky-brain.

Something more like one of the ‘Lost Keys’ apps seen for mobiles phones.

Attach a small blob to you beloved bottle of Buckfast, and the attached GPS/GSM module would keep track if it, so that a blitzed boozer (or ‘Buckateer’ according the story above) can ‘call’ their best friend and trigger a noise-maker they can follow to find their beloved bottle, or if further away (or just mindless and lost) they can fire up a map on their phone, and follow directions/instruction to be led to it.

Give them time…

I’m sure someone will bring such a wonderful device out someday, maybe even sooner rather than later.


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