Buckfast sales set to explode as law on underage alcohol sales is reinterpreted!

One of the banes of my life is walking anywhere near an offie (off-license) or certain corner shops and convenience stores when there’s a crowd of school-age kids hanging around.

You just KNOW you’ll get pounced on and they’ll beg with “Gonnae jump intae the shoap fer us“.

Much as I’d like to say ‘No’ and add that I wouldn’t be seen dead buying either of items they usually want… I don’t (since I don’t want to put ideas into their heads, and end up having to make my home dead – I understand it makes walking difficult).

I now walk around with my personal radar set to spot these pests at a distance, so I can cross the road and detour around them.

It looks like there’s good news for those of us who have to run this particular gauntlet on a daily basis, as there a new interpretation of the law on the sale of alcohol to minors is about to be introduced:

New Alcohol Law Interpretation
New Alcohol Law Interpretation

Seems fair to me.

But then again, I benefit as I’ll get peace to walk the streets unmolested.

Or, maybe I should be distributing flyers for the Mosquito Anti-loitering Device around the local shops.


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