When Buckfast went to Canada

While I’m told the original was seen on Facecrook (which means I’d never see it), a kind soul has passed on this little gem, which will be accepted in good faith as being true.

Although devoted to Buckfast, this guy was not devoted enough to stay in Ireland and be with it, but deserted the love of his life to go to Canada (sorry).

But he got lucky after about 10 years, and somebody got a Bottle of Buckfast to him, although it is UK Buckfast (from the clear green glass bottle with no neck label) and not his original Republic of Ireland original.

I wonder if they had to smuggle it across the border?

Still, he looks happy enough, as he and his Canadian girlfriend pour it down, straight from the bottle – no posh glasses needed.

Buckfast In Canada
Buckfast In Canada

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