Smuggling Buckfast over to Amsterdam

After yesterday’s light-hearted remark about smuggling Buckfast into Canada, it seems that remark brought an email and pic showing something closer to that act, this time apparently by a Buckfast junkie headed for Amsterdam – a backward destination which, it seems, has no Buckfast in any of its shops.

Shocking! Ridiculous!

Well, maybe being out of their heads on so-called ‘recreational’ drugs means they can’t get the screw tops off Buckfast bottles (or are too busy with Amsterdam’s other hobby, and scre… oh, better not go there).

It seems this fan’s solution was to decant a bottle of Bucky into a number of 100 ml opaque black plastic bottles and bag them pre-flight.

I don’t fly, but is seems present day airport regulation currently allow EU passengers to take a maximum of ten containers, each of up to 100 ml and contained in a clear plastic bag, onboard in their hand luggage.


Buckfast Minis
Buckfast Minis



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